Alexis Bennett

Alexis Bennett

Alexis is a sports fanatic, with a lifelong emphasis on golf. After successful playing careers both in college, at the Division 1 level, and 3 years as a touring professional on the developmental circuits, she went on to work as a collegiate Head Coach at two different D1 and D2 universities before making the career transition to full-time writer in 2022. Alexis received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from SMU, her Master’s in Sport Management from the University of Florida, and also holds a Graphic Design certificate from SCAD.

California Masters in Data Analytics/Data Science

California is a known hub that is leading in terms of innovation and business, which is linked to its highly thriving economy. Hence, it’s no surprise that it is also a leading hub for data analytics and data science. These fields help institutions, businesses, and other establishments effectively comprehend enormous amounts of input and data. … Read more

California Masters in Health Administration Programs

The United States has always held countless opportunities for those who aspire to drive their careers forward in whatever field, and the same can be said in the discipline of healthcare and healthcare administration. Healthcare and medicine are vital fields in themselves. However, aside from working as a medical practitioner, several opportunities exist that help … Read more

California Masters in Human Resources

Those working in Human Resources (HR) who wish to gain in-depth knowledge and specialized skills that will make them perfect candidates for higher-level HR leadership positions can do so by pursuing a Masters’s in Human Resources. HR professionals with a Masters in Human Resources are valuable assets to their organizations and remain competitive in human … Read more

California Masters in Machine Learning Programs

One of the latest trends in technology over the past few years is machine learning and artificial intelligence, which has made skills in technology that are related to it highly in demand. Machine learning has been rigorously developed in recent years, and contributing to this field helps reshape our daily lives and revolutionize industries and … Read more

California Master’s Degree in Computer Science

A Master’s degree is for those who want to advance their careers and hold more high-level jobs, including college-level teaching. It is also the way to go for those who eventually want to pursue a Ph.D.  In this list are schools to consider for a Master’s Degree in Computer Science in California. California Institute of … Read more

California Schools of Information Technology

In today’s digitally connected world, navigating the ever-changing environment of information technology (IT) has become a critical task. IT professionals are absolutely necessary in helping enterprises to harness the power of technology for a variety of purposes. With the digital revolution fueling unprecedented development and innovation across industries, the demand for competent IT experts is … Read more

Information Technology Degree and Career Guide

Simply put, Information technology (IT) is a broad term that encompasses anything involving the utilization of computer systems and devices to gain access to information. In today’s modern world, IT is utilized by a wide range of entities across all industries. Large-scale multinational enterprises and small-scale solo entrepreneurs all use IT. From communications to data … Read more

California Master’s in Teaching Programs

The role of teachers in shaping young minds cannot be understated, as education plays a vital role in any developing society. As education and curriculums are continually evolving, there are several areas where aspiring educators may seek to expand their knowledge and hone their abilities in teaching.  One of these potential areas is California as … Read more

California Masters in Early Childhood Education

In California, prestigious institutions provide outstanding Master’s programs in Early Childhood Education (ECE). These specialized graduate programs provide prospective educators with the information, skills, and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the lives of young learners. California’s Masters in Early Childhood Education program empowers educators to create supportive and rewarding environments. In these environments, … Read more

California Online Masters in Education Programs

In a rapidly evolving world where traditional learning techniques are always being supplemented by technology, online programs provide opportunities for educators to advance their understanding of education regardless of where they are. A master’s degree in education has various advantages, making it an advantageous venture for instructors and educators. Individuals can also specialize in some … Read more