California Masters in Data Analytics/Data Science

California is a known hub that is leading in terms of innovation and business, which is linked to its highly thriving economy. Hence, it’s no surprise that it is also a leading hub for data analytics and data science. These fields help institutions, businesses, and other establishments effectively comprehend enormous amounts of input and data. With data science or analytics, these establishments can derive critical insights and make wiser and more effective data-driven decisions. 

In line with this, California also becomes an excellent place to pursue further studies in the said field. Globally, this field has only become more vital across all industries each year as businesses rely on data and analytics professionals to identify opportunities to streamline processes and drive profitability. A master’s degree program in data science or analytics in this state lets students become globally competitive as they come into contact with different or contemporary methods of evaluating data and information.

The following includes a list of universities that offer specialized master’s degrees in data science or data analytics in California. These institutions have been classified according to those offering online programs and in-person programs, and many are top universities in the state:

Schools Offering Masters in Data Science or Analytics Programs:

  1. University of California, Irvine
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California, Berkeley
  4. University of San Francisco 
  5. University of Southern California
  6. University of the Pacific
  7. California State University, San Bernardino
  8. Chapman University 
  9. Claremont Graduate University
  10. National University
  11. University of California, San Diego

Schools Offering an Online Masters in Data Science or Analytics Programs:

  1. University of California, Berkeley
  2. University of California, San Diego
  3. University of Southern California
  4. University of California, Riverside

As seen, there are several programs in California that can allow one to deepen their knowledge on this topic. Each of these institutions has exceptionally unique programs. These can aid students in garnering all the skills they need to thrive in this field. The next session aims to discuss master’s programs in data science or data analytics available in California, either online or in person.

Schools in California with Programs for  Masters in Data Analytics or Data Science

University of California, Irvine

Modern data science approaches are carefully cultivated in the Master of Data Science (MDS) degree program at the University of California, Irvine. The curriculum combines fundamental computer science and statistics concepts. All this helps give students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in this era of weaponizing artificial intelligence. The curriculum emphasizes practical training in applied probability, mathematical statistics, computing, machine learning, data management, visualization, and artificial intelligence. It offers alternatives for full-time (15-month) or part-time (24-month) courses led by teachers who are experts in the field. The curriculum is also known for its solid data science basis and two capstone project courses that offer practical experience utilizing data analytics methods to solve problems. 

The program overall puts graduates in a good position to adapt to and contribute to new AI systems as we move into an AI-driven future. The program, which is based in Southern California’s thriving TechCoast, uses the faculty and business clusters there to foster innovation and improve the area of data science.

Stanford University

The M.S. The Stanford University program in Statistics and Data Science is intended to be a terminal degree that will prepare graduates for employment immediately after graduation. Numerous graduates work in data science, research analytics, software engineering, program management, operations research in the technology sector, finance (asset management, acquisitions/mergers, business analytics), and various government services. 

Most alumni of this program have secured jobs in the Bay Area and other significant global locations. The program typically takes 5 to 6 quarters to complete; however, it offers flexibility in course load for those aiming to finish sooner. It also suggests taking a mix of required and elective courses to make satisfactory degree progress.

University of California, Berkeley

A one-year Master of Analytics degree is available at the University of California, Berkeley. It is designed to give students the quantitative abilities they need to succeed in various industrial sectors. The program offers training in data-driven analytical methods, optimization, statistics, simulation, and risk management within a relevant industry context. There is a high demand for analytics professionals skilled in analyzing extensive data and providing critical solutions across sectors.

Graduates of the 11-month, on-site program acquire expertise in the newest tools and working with huge datasets. Students are also given the opportunity to design original models, respond to changing business situations, and successfully execute solutions. The program, held in the thriving San Francisco Bay Area in Berkeley, California, takes advantage of its setting to link students with Silicon Valley, the center of technical innovation, and top international tech businesses.

University of San Francisco

The Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) is a full-time, one-year program offered at the University of San Francisco. It is intended for people who want to become skilled data scientists and analysts while developing the business sense necessary to use their expertise strategically. Early July each year marks the program’s start. The program offers a thorough, open-source-focused curriculum that includes accelerated review sessions for probability, statistics, and computing for analytics, in addition to a linear algebra competency test. 

Students work on practicum projects for the next nine months, devoting 15 hours per week to solving real-world data science problems with businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere. Through credits, training, and the potential inclusion of certain projects on provider websites, the program’s partnership with top cloud computing providers. Examples of these providers are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Databricks, and MongoDB. The program offers a personalized educational experience with a heavy emphasis on practical application. Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, and two days each week are set out for practicum work.

University of Southern California

Students from diverse backgrounds can gain the necessary skills to excel as data scientists through the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi’s Master of Science in Applied Data Science program. The program equips students to seek professions in applied data science. It is best for people with solid backgrounds in computer science, engineering, science, or even social science who exhibit competence in math and science. After completing the course, students will have learned all the fundamentals in data science. Students will also become proficient Python programmers and have worked with databases and big data infrastructure. With all this knowledge, students can master machine learning and data mining, thereby applying these abilities to real-world problems. 

The course provides in-depth explanations of data analytics, the functions of analysts and data scientists, and the practical use of informatics skills in various fields. Students can customize their education to fit their objectives for analytical work through practical experiences, electives, and a professional practicum. This program requires 32 units of coursework to be finished.

University of the Pacific

As data specialists are in high demand across industries, the Masters of Science in Data Science program at Pacific in San Francisco is offered to give students the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the data-driven work environment. The program, which lasts four semesters and consists of 32 units, is a hybrid course delivery that appeals to both working professionals and conventional students. It is also STEM-designated and open to overseas students who qualify for curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT). 

The program’s adaptable design, which includes hybrid learning, classes held outside of typical business hours, recorded lectures, and capstone projects funded by businesses, ensures that it is well-suited for data science professionals looking to further their careers and increase their level of knowledge in the digital era.

California State University, San Bernardino

At California State University, San Bernardino, they combine business and data science ideas for real-world business applications and offer the Master of Science in Business and Data Analytics (MSBDA) program. It offers a thorough experience and equips students with technical, analytical skills and business acumen required to successfully address challenges. The curriculum also utilizes data analytics for thorough business understanding. Data analytics tools are highlighted in informed decision-making. With this, graduates of this pioneering curriculum become skilled data interpreters and strategic business decision-makers. 

The curriculum consists of eleven analytics courses and a practicum/capstone course. Overall, this program guarantees that graduates are prepared for the workforce and ready to bring value to their organizations through their skills.

Chapman University

In the Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences degree at Chapman University, students work closely with renowned faculty to apply statistical, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to address urgent societal concerns. Graduates of the program will be at the vanguard of innovation in various sectors. As data science is one of the best employment prospects, Chapman’s program offers plenty of career options. Students who have completed the program have found success in positions as data analysts and data scientists at other organizations, establishments, and institutions. They also come to work in a variety of relevant fields like artificial intelligence, higher education, healthcare, and even top tech firms. Some examples of these are  Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo.

Claremont Graduate University

To effectively address societal concerns, the Masters in Science in Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) program with a concentration in data science and analytics offers a design-centric curriculum that combines technological and management experience. Once a student has completed this program, they’ll have the knowledge and abilities to design software and systems that can be used for the benefit of society.

The program encourages collaborative, industry-focused research under the direction of outstanding experts and is created to accommodate working professionals. The program’s emphasis on gaining more information technology knowledge equips graduates for leadership positions in several industries. The 36-unit program can be finished in 1 to 1.5 years if you work full-time or 1.5 to 3 years if you work part-time.

National University

The National University’s Master of Science in Data Science program equips students with a multidisciplinary approach, blending business, computer science, and statistics to tackle real-world challenges. Some topics that are covered are neural networks, artificial intelligence (AI), and even machine learning, and overall the curriculum is designed to address a wide spectrum of data science and analytics issues. The program offers four specializations:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Optimization
  • Business Science and Analytics 
  • Database Science and Analytics
  • Health Science and Analytics

The program focuses on developing and maintaining hardware and software tools. This is mainly for efficient data utilization. The curriculum also covers several new topics, like databases, data marts, data warehouses, machine learning, analytic programming, and artificial intelligence. Notably, the program is part of a five-year research partnership led by the University of California, San Diego. This is in collaboration with National University and other prestigious institutions. This is carried out to optimize artificial intelligence and machine learning for real-world industry improvements.

University of California, San Diego

A Master of Advanced Study in Data Science and Engineering is available through the University of California, San Diego’s Data Science and Engineering program. This broadens the skill set of engineering experts. Database management, software programming, and statistical analysis are a few of these abilities. The course also strongly emphasizes the creation of mathematical models, the recognition of trends, and effective data presentation. Data scientists help with economic value, knowledge of data, and well-informed decision-making by analyzing dispersed data from numerous digital sources. Students also become fully immersed in data analytics through its curriculum. It stresses the roles of analysts and data scientists in organizations. allowing further emphasis in areas where informatics skills is required. Moreover, students can comprehensively understand many allied fields and how they’re applied to solving current societal issues.

The program consists of three fundamental and six core courses totaling 34 units. It also has a four-unit capstone team project. Several courses are also available in programming analysis, applications management, and visualization. A capstone design project that requires teamwork, an alternate weekend class schedule, and a target audience of engineering professionals looking to handle and use massive datasets for technical leadership and data science expansion are notable aspects.

Schools With An Online Option in California with Programs for  Masters in Data Analytics or Data Science

University of California, Berkeley

If you’re looking for an online option to help you thrive in the field of data science and analytics, you could also consider the Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program available at the UC Berkeley School of Information. While addressing real-world challenges, students are given the opportunity to extract insights from very complex data and even work with data at scale. The curriculum of the program is also interdisciplinary, with several topics and discussions drawn from a vast number of fields. The program consists of a total of 27 units. It offers several courses that are either accelerated, decelerated, or standard. This design allows working professionals to fit these courses within their schedules. Through this added flexibility, the degree can be finished within a span of 12 to 32 months.

University of California, San Diego

Working individuals looking to advance their careers in the quickly growing sector can enroll in a totally online Master of Data Science degree offered by the University of California, San Diego. The curriculum, ranked #10 in Data Analytics/Science by US News and #3 in Public Colleges by Forbes 2022, is intended to give students a competitive advantage. This curriculum combines statistics, computer science, and data-centric applications. It is presented by the Halcolu Data Science Institute (HDSI) in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Essential principles, core data science subjects, elective investigation, and a concluding 10-week capstone research project are all included in the course material.

University of Southern California

Students from various backgrounds can gain data science skills by enrolling in the University of Southern California’s (USC) Viterbi Master of Science in Applied Data Science program, available both on-campus and online. If you’ve previously had a bachelor’s degree in fields like engineering, the social sciences, physical sciences, and computer science, and if you exhibit sufficient abilities in math and science, then you may be highly eligible for this program. The program’s graduates will be proficient in fundamental data science skills such as Python programming, database and big data infrastructure knowledge, application skills for machine learning and data mining, and problem-solving capabilities.

University of California, Riverside

To prepare people for leadership positions in data analysis, the University of California, Riverside offers an online Master of Science in Engineering with a focus in Data Science. The program enables students to get insightful knowledge from large amounts of data through effective methods for finding, analyzing, and displaying hidden patterns. The program is 100% online approach and enables completion in as little as 13 months, accommodating current employment obligations. Accessibility is improved by the six specialties, flexible admissions, and several start dates. With a strong basis in data management and administration, the curriculum is appropriate for those with engineering expertise or a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Candidates who meet the requirements may also be eligible for financial aid from companies.

Alternative Programs

For those looking to enter a technical field with high-demand, a masters in machine learning can be a great alternative.